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Were you just gifted airtime by a friend;
or you had an erroneous excess airtime recharge from your bank?
Relay Global Service has made it possible to conveniently convert airtime to cash and pay bills with airtime.


Relay Global Service takes care of all your Data and Airtime Top-up; bulk orders or single. Data works perfectly on all devices. Enjoy up to 10% discount on Airtime and Data Top-Up as you Upgrade your account!.


With our Easy-to-use platform, Relay Global Service has made DSTV, GoTV and Startimes subscription completely easier than going on a date with your best friend! Remember life shouldn’t be hard.


Electricity Bill payment has been simplified and discounted on our platform! With the help of Relay Global Service, you can pay your electricity bills from the convenience of your home!


Reaching a wide range of people via Bulk SMS just got amazingly easier through Relay Global Service! Conveniently deliver SMS to all networks at the cheapest rate you can think of!


Working for money can be quite rigorous! Relay Global Service influences your right financial decisions with our investment platform! You would stop wondering where your money went when you tell it where to go!

Let Us Build You A Website Exactly Like Ours! Here Is What Is in It for You.

It’s Powered By Relay Global Service

We build you, a standard website which offers exclusively, all the various services available on Relay Global Service. The website is powered by the same software that powers the Relay Global Service website but has a unique homepage, admin page and dashboard.

It is Fully Automated

The website is connected directly to the Relay Global Service website and all orders made on the website are automatically processed instantly by Relay Global Service. Value reaches destination only in few microseconds. You make more money with convenience.

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With our sophisticated topnotch technology, thanks to our dedicated Tech-team; we have put together a user-friendly platform that delivers value to you just before you’re done saying ‘Jack Robinson!’. Everyone prefers Relay Global Service because we’re reliable. Our award-winning, super-fast customer support representatives are always on standby!

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